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Some San Francisco/Bay Area bands from the early 80s:

The Residents
Tuxedo Moon
Black Athletes
The Cat Heads
Chrome Dinette
The Varve
Dead Kennedys
The Uptones (re-formed!)
Minimal Man
Caroliner Rainbow
Wee Doggies
The Contractions
The Punts
Inflatable Boy Clams
Eye Protection
The Dickheads
Toiling Midgets (still going!)
The Lewd (re-formed!)
Romeo Void
The Mutants
The Offs
Phantom Limbs

(occasionally re-formed by Penelope Houston)

Early 80s clubs:

Club Foot
Deaf Club
The Farm
Hotel Utah
The I-Beam
Mabuhay Gardens (Fab Mab)
On Broadway
The Purple Onion
The Sound of Music
Tool and Die

The Story of She Mob
Lisa and Diane!
Lisa and Diane Wallis —the early years at the Sound of Music in San Francisco. Diane has since left the group.

Named after an obscure 1968 exploitation flick, She Mob consists of Sue Hutchinson and Alan Korn trading places on bass and guitar, while Lisa McElroy and Suki O'Kane trade on drums and keyboards. Suki is also the group's resident sampler.

Sue—from the historical photo archive of McAllister Street.

Our friend Neo describes She Mob as "Three cool, smart, over-30 women and their faithful male companion who play this lovely, shambling, rattly music full of anger, whimsy and poignancy with an unbelievably prolific repertoire of incredibly catchy garage-pop songs." Thanks Neo.

Alan doesn't drum but he could probably pick it up in a few hours.

She Mob's first CD, Cancel the Wedding is available on our own label, Spinster Playtime and managed to garner many fine reviews from officially published writer-types. Our latest release, Turn to Chocolate continues the fine tradition of musical good times. Give one or both a listen on our MP3 page. They were masterfully mixed and mastered by Myles Boisen (Splatter Trio and countless amazing improv bands).

Like our CDs, She Mob's live shows are filled with moments of spontaneous whimsy, a charming lack of pretense and at times, outright confusion. Theme nights have included the three incarnations of Courtney Love, escaped lunatic, and bad acid, depending on the mood and costume budget.

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Flyer for early-80s precursor to She Mob, Spinster Playtime (now the She Mob label).

Today's She Mob: Sue, Alan, Suki (and sometimes Lisa)

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