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These bands are fun to play shows with, fun to see live and fun to drink beer with as well.

HEAR She Mob playing live on luver.com (April, 2003). LISTEN to the interview, featuring performance artist Frank Moore. MARVEL at the photos of the entire event.

Listen to Web station SHE MOB on Live365.com. Named after us! Cool, womanly programming (Slits, Liliput, etc.), streaming your way.

Suki O'Kane's artistic prediliction for sonic collage and large improvising ensemble work uniquely qualifies her for the job of She Mob skin slappah.

J Neo Marvin's got a new Web site and a new CD, "What is Truth?" featuring Diane Wallis on violin.

Barbara Manning is the Energizer Bunny of our music generation. She's got a great band, the Go-Luckys, consisting of Fabrizio and Flavio Steinbach—adorable Italian twins from Germany.

Remember the Pop-O-Pies of "Truckin'" fame? No--not the Grateful Dead--POP-O-PIES.

Does anyone remember laughter? How about the Cat Heads?

Voice is Venom is an eZINE and promotion tool for women who rock.

Get your MP3s! MP3 Jackpot picks 'em and archives 'em. A resource of the weird, the obscure, the silly, the awesome.

Ramona the Pest are really talented folk rockers. And they're very nice people besides.

The Cannanes are from Australia and they're one of the great yet-to-be-discovered indie-pop bands. Frances Gibson sings songs of sardonic wistfulness whilst Stephen "Hairy" O'Neil plays a mean, strummy guitar. An added plus—they're really pleasant people.

The Kirby Grips are a pop trio and are as nice as pie. Boys flock to their shows and stare in awe at their beauty and charm.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre are in transition again. Wow--lots of MP3s--thanks Anton! And check out Dig!, the documentary about the career trajectories of BJM and the Dandy Warhols--hilarious, tragic, and everything in between.

Recommendations for a nation of eye-junkies.

Lisa's films are on the Web. "Fog" is a comedy set in San Francisco and features a cameo appearance by She Mob (at a Halloween party, naturally). Also music by the Television Personalities, Pere Ubu, Camper Van Beethoven, and Buddy Greco. It's available for viewing on ifilm.com. "Job" is a surreal little film that has traveled the highways and byways of several underground film festivals.

The International Buster Keaton Society venerates the greatest filmmaker of the 20th century. If you haven't seen a Buster Keaton film, you haven't lived life to the fullest.

The Louise Brooks Society is dedicated to one of film's great beauties. She was smart too and lived a tough life with lots of turbulent love affairs. An inspiration to drama queens everywhere.

Our friend Michael Truncale has snapped a pic or two in his time.

If She Mob were a TV show, we'd probably be a combination of the late, great, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the lost, lamented, Freaks and Geeks. Hey--buy Freaks and Geeks on DVD--one of the most excellent shows ever to be cancelled after one season (thanks to NBC).

All those hours spent staring at the monitor instead of doing something productive, like staring at the television.

When we say, "Call our lawyer," we mean Alan Korn, who also plays a fine guitar solo on our new song, "I Am You." You can call on him at alankorn.com for all your legal entertainment, copyright and trademark needs.

Weight Watchers recipe cards from 1974 - Har!

Richie Unterberger writes music books on the weird, the under-appreciated, the geographical.

Who's cooler than cartoonist/author Lynda Barry? I have no idea. Here's her Marlys Magazine Web site.

You must have your daily Doonesbury.

Blame it on the dismal failure of the New Economy, but you can hardly turn around without someone bellowing out a sea shanty.

What's one of the coolest animals on Earth? The Komodo Dragon of course. And when Komodo dragons attack.

Go ahead, pop the bubble wrap, why doncha'?

Roadside America - Your online guide to offbeat tourist attractions, like giant highway animal sculptures and houses made of beer cans and newspapers.

Tired of holding books up to your face to read them? Try your computer for a good public-domain tale in the Litrix Reading Room.

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