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#771 in the Village Voice's Pazz & Jop Poll
The new CD from the twisted world of She Mob:
Turn to Chocolate
Turn to Chocolate
"Turn to Chocolate is a great album any year, I lissen to it with pleasure each time I cue it up."
Richard Riegel (Village Voice writer who made She Mob #771)

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Donwload MP3s from Turn to Chocolate:
Your Therapy

"Finally, a group of people have learned how to be goofy in a productive fashion. Turn to Chocolate is a whimsical way to let She Mob entertain your day." - Agouti Music.com

"...makes a divine clatter, while dashing through its anxiety checklist, which includes therapy, Viagra, caller I.D. and herbal remedies. Reckless and spirited, She Mob recalls the days when wit and determination were treasured commodities in the punk community. Remember The Raincoats? The Pastels? She Mob stands in good company." - John Chandler, Portland Tribune

"...They've tweaked their special brand of synthesized garage-pop so that it alternates between clangy Shirelles harmonies, Le Tigre's didacticism, and the Softies' sweet melodies. Tracks like "Tear Me Down" and "Your Therapy" have a more polished and tuneful power-pop feel, but She Mob still drop some weird but humorous songs ("Viagra") and some furious, bass-heavy sludge fests ("Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy")." - Kim Newman, Venuszine.com

And lest we forget, She Mob's debut: Cancel the Wedding

Cancel the Wedding

Read what the critics say about "Cancel the Wedding" (and they're never wrong):

"Three women in wigs shout their shouts and tell their weird, unassuming tales" - Robert Christgau, "Honorable Mention" list, Pazz & Jop Poll, Village Voice, March 1, 2000

"...The homemade lyrics are clever and funny slices of everyday lives carried on beneath the radar of the daily orgies atop the stock market, in humbly passionate rooms where people take Prozac and are sometimes reincarnated as puppies." - Richard Riegel, Village Voice, February 8, 2000

"As with such modest, cutting 1980s U.K. punk combos as Delta 5, women singing like people having real conversations. Increasingly funny, vehement, distracted conversations. For example, 'Why did I become a teacher? Why did I become a teacher?' For all the right reasons, but--" - Greil Marcus, "Real Life Rock Top 10," Salon.com, August, 1999 (She Mob was #2 out of 10)

Order "Cancel the Wedding" today! Click on the baby-head to order by credit card on CDbaby.com.
Order by credit card on CDbaby.com
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Download MP3s from Cancel the Wedding:
Smoke Ring Dub

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